Monday, January 10, 2022

Our 2022 Design Team


We are so excited to announce our 2022 Design Team.  This year we are keeping some of our old friends and mixing in a few new.  It is going to be such a fun year with so many fun surprises!

Design Team

Annie Collins
Annie Collins has been designing for WRC for a couple of years.  You can check out all her amazing work on her blog Little Wings Creates, YouTube, and Instagram.

Bernadette Ball

Bernadette Ball joined the WRC last year as a guest designer, but we could not be more excited to have her join the designers full time.  You can check out all of Bernadette's mixed media style over on her Instagram page.

Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson also stepped in to Guest Design last year with our team, and graciously agreed to join our team full time this year.  You can check out all her stunning designs over at her Instagram page.

Christi Steinbeck

Christi Steinbeck is joining our team this year and loves to create with paper, either paper piecing or scrapbooking.  You can learn all about Christ over on her Facebook page, Blog, or Instagram

EK Gorman

EK Gorman has been creating for WRC for a few years and we are so excited that she is sticking around.  You can see many of her old WRC project on her Blog, YouTube, or Instagram.

Esther Mendez
Esther took a few months off at the end of the year, but we are thrilled to have Esther back creating with our team.  You can see all her gorgeous work on her Blog and Instagram.

Kay Barnes

Kay Barnes is the founder and owner of White Rose Crafts.  Watch for her occasion crafting posts.  They are rare, but always worth it.

Laura Gilhuly
Laura Gilhuly worked as a Guest designer in 2019, so we are so excited to be bringing her back as a full time design team member.  You can see all her gorgeous scrapbook layouts on her Blog, Facebook, and Instagram.

Linh Van
Linh Van, also known by LV Handcrafted joins our design team this year.  You can check out her amazing style over on her YouTube page, Instagram and Blog.

Nancy Nickel
Nancy Nickel is joining our WRC team, and we are so excited for you to see her style.  You can check out her projects on her Blog, Instagram and Youtube.

Guest Designers

Dorothy M Orr
Dorothy M Orr will be popping in and out this year as a Guest Designer.  You can check out her fun junk journals on her Facebook, Youtube and Instagram pages.

Laura Cannon Wolff

Laura Cannon Wolff has been a design team member for a few years.  Her life has gotten a little busier, but we are ecstatic that she is staying on this year as a guest designer.  You can check out Laura's fun posts over at her Facebook page.

Give all of our design team some love, and make sure you make our new friends feel welcome!

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